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 Stick Cult Staff

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Mongrel Sticklord

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PostSubject: Stick Cult Staff   Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:13 pm

They will be helping me with things such as keeping the site tidy, helping me with other announcements, so on and so forth.

The current Red Disciples (mods) are:

How do I become a Red Disciple?
I normally only ask people to become one if I need more help around the website. Right now, I have enough help, so I have no need to ask any other members.

The current Blood Philosophers (admins) are:

How do I become a Blood Philosopher?
Like the Red Disciple, I only ask/asked because I need/needed help around the site. There will most likely be no more need for any more admins.

Why is [System]'s name white?
The [System] is programmed to take care of certain things around the site occasionally and act as an "NPC" of sorts that gives out notifications regarding the roleplay. Thus, they are in their own group since they aren't an actual person. They are also pretty buggy, so leave them alone.

Do they get any special perks?
Not necessarily. They don't get a boost in the roleplay or anything like that. They are simply here as means of helping me out. They can edit posts around the forums if need be, as well, but only need to if you do not follow the board rules etc. etc. They may also help with character balance issues.

Questions or comments? Leave them below.

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Mongrel Sticklord

Posts : 977
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PostSubject: Re: Stick Cult Staff   Thu Apr 02, 2015 7:35 am

Updated a little. For now.
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Stick Cult Staff
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