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 What IS the Stick Cult?

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What IS the Stick Cult? Empty
PostSubject: What IS the Stick Cult?   What IS the Stick Cult? EmptySun Feb 01, 2015 9:44 am

The Stick Cult (The Cult, Sticky C, Pink Rule, Red Rule, "We", "Us", etc.) is a Cult derived around the Red Rule's teachings as well as the teachings of other rules. The Stick itself is an object and symbol of the cult, being the sign of continued hope for the future. The Cult itself acts as another family for those who are cast aside, here to support other members through tough situations and allow them a safe place to be themselves. We work hard to give people the security they need.

Where did the Stick Cult come from?
The Stick Cult itself was built off of the past Pink Rule, which was the reborn followers of the Red Rule. The stick was bestowed upon the Stick-bearer by a powerful being. After, others continued to gather, and the stick soon became a symbol of something much, much greater.

What does being a member mean?
It means supporting your fellow members, having security, and teaching others of the Red Rule's lessons of simple morality. Teaching others that are not part of the cult to accept others despite their different opinions, ideas, etc., is also a huge step to being a greater member of the Stick Cult. Not only that, but it's about having fun with friends, roleplaying, and being a nerd.

Is the Stick Cult all serious? Or are there any fun and games?
Being that we're like a giant family, the Stick Cult are still a massive group of friends. We joke, roleplay, help each other, and so on and so forth. It started out as a small group of friends, and hopefully it will be something more.

"Cults" are usually something that has weird rituals or worshiping... Do you have any of that?
Rituals, yes.

Can I touch the stick?
No. Not right now. Get your own stick.
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What IS the Stick Cult?
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