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 Stick Cult Rankings.

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Stick Cult Rankings. Empty
PostSubject: Stick Cult Rankings.   Stick Cult Rankings. EmptySun Feb 01, 2015 10:09 am

Currently, there aren't' many rankings in the Stick Cult. More will be made as we find positions for members.

Blood Philosopher
    Admin of the website.

    "Highest rank of the cult at this moment, the Blood Philosopher acts as a guiding hand for the rest of the cult, answering questions and passing teachings to others, while gaining knowledge themselves through the world. They prefer to stay in the shadows in most situations, but will allow others to come to them with open arms. They are Stick-bearers."

Red Disciple
    Moderators of the website.

    "Those that spread the good word of the Red Rule and the other teachings to others. They assist the Blood Philosopher, and often take over things if needed. They are most known for being quite open, and are quick to make decisions with other people in mind."

Crimson Cultist
    Higher-ranking followers of the Stick Cult. You become a Crimson Cultist via being active, etc. etc.

    "A high-ranking member who strives to learn and is quite involved. Crimson Cultists are generally members of the Cult that are active, and still have much to learn like everyone else."

    Greeters, generally friendly members assigned to make others more comfortable and help out newer members.

    "A special member of the Cult that are known as "protectors". Lightbringers are the type of creatures to brighten up others' moods but also being able to maturely stick up for any member having a problem."

    Default rank.

    "A general follower of the Cult."
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Stick Cult Rankings.
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