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 Stick Cult Classes/Information

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Mostly for Roleplay purposes. Classes are professions that your character (you) are, and can effect a number of things including your Stick Level, Roleplay boosts, character items, weapons, etc.

Classes are usually determined by your characters learning curve, and can change according to what your character chooses to specialize in. Certain events can earn you extra points toward your class level. Your class is automatically changed according to how your character acts, start out as, and the choices/actions they make.

For example: Your character is well-traveled. They are best at using the bow. Fort he start, they would be: Nomadic Archer. If you do not like your class name, you can work to change it. There are several paths you can go with your character... If you like, you can also erase all of your characters skills and start from scratch. You will not be able to recover any of their points toward any class, but it's a way to start fresh and new.


Magic - Magic levels. Magic has several branches in its own, going from hexes, curses, to nature magic and even elemental magic. Some masters of magic can even transform, or use their voice as a means of attack!

Armed Combat - Character's ability with physical weapons. The branches include all kinds of weapons, and can even be mixed with other branches in order to get magic weapons, charmed weapons, and the like!

Craft - Your character makes their own weapons out of scraps and can even sometimes find better materials to make better weapons with! Not only that, but they can also branch off to make poisons, potions, objects, and other things. A crafter's invention only goes as far as their imaginations! They're also known to be able to be quite sneaky...

Physical Abilities - Your creature's physical abilities. Hone your claws, adapt to harsh environments, or develop venom! Physical abilities take long to develop for most characters, but can be well worth it later. Sometimes you can even gain abilities from potions or enemies you defeat!


There are many other paths. Your character can cross all of them, or somehow none at all! It's all up to you. Your class will first be determined when you sign your character up HERE!
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Stick Cult Classes/Information
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